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  2. Thanks I'm ready to try anything in Edit Preferences ray trace what am I looking to change?
  3. Okay I was having problems with Ray tracing in X-8 my Computer would crash in less than 3 minutes doing a simple ray trace... Literally shutting off my computer......Black screen with the message do you want to start your computer normally... I press enter and start all over... S o I Upgraded to X-9 I am running Windows 7 Pro with an AMD-FX 8350 8 core Processor 4.0G ram 8.00 GB Graphics AMD Radeon R-9 200 series... Still happens ...So what could be my problem? It only happens ray tracing and on a quick setting to boot..I then used a very simple model square room and it still crashes...My th
  4. I am using x-7 Upgraded from six and somehow lost the 3-d shapes form my; library( ie the ball the box the wedge etc. and want them back...) Not found in the core library. Any thoughts?
  5. Not sure it's a possibility but if so how would I go about doing it? Pls advise Regards Bob
  6. All of the above is correct but you can press build second floor and check build your own..reference the first floor and draw your walls and then align them... A full second floor just add a roof but if you have your rafters at the top plate of floor #1 it's a new ballgame...Just finished one like that myself...
  7. I am just trying to increase the size of door and windows label type in my plan Any suggestions?
  8. I am having a problem with generating cad elevations in X-5... It will either crash my computer or generate slowly only to finish with lines missing... I get an error code Final renders come out bad as well and take forever..Never had this problem in #11 Could it be my graphics card or another chief glitch Thanx
  9. I believe you have to make it out of roofing shakes..That's the way I used to do it...
  10. Some of my current work I do enjoying sharing my work with like minded professionals for feedback input and the latest Chief design techniques..