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  1. Kihara

    Need some plans finished

    Close thread please.
  2. I have started on a set of house plans approximately 2100 SqFt 2 Levels and I just need some adjustments made, and a couple porch roofs added. Thanks
  3. I have found the services needed. Thank you to all who inquired!
  4. In search of someone in the Nashville TN area that offers training services on X6/X7. Thank you! - Gary Please Close Thread. Thank you!
  5. Kihara

    X6 To X7

    Thank you all for the prompt replies!
  6. Kihara

    X6 To X7

    If i upgrade to x7 do i uninstall x6 from my comp? Will i have to reload all of my library content? thanks
  7. i found my problem! Thanks for all of the help! My exterior walls were not continuous for some reason. The left, right, and back were continuous but the front wall for some reason wasnt conecting all the way at each end. Now just have to figure out how to build the stairs! Thanks
  8. It wont let me "open" the room specs for the 2nd floor and the gabled walls from first floor are already up there
  9. i tryed that and when i added the perimeter walls in, it didnt sync with the first floor plan or i didnt do something properly.
  10. Kihara

    Measurement Display Problem

    Not sure. How do i tell?
  11. i am trying to figure out how to place a bonus room over garage on a single story home. Thank you for the help! I have layed out the entire floor plan including garage. I cant figure out how to add bonus room without adding a 2nd story to the entire plan. And without having the heighth of the garage being 2 story
  12. Kihara

    Measurement Display Problem

    Whenever i click on auto dimension and then try to delete a set of dimensions or drag the dimension bar is when it does it
  13. I am having an issue with my measurements displaying in a blob....It seems to only do it in the wall elevations tab. Im trying to take measurements of cabinets. Using C A P X6 Thanks!