Polyline fills with solid black despite changing fill color


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I have been trying to place a rectangular polyline onto a Layout file that has a solid grey fill.  All the fill settings are set to grey as well as the default CAD layer color.  Despite this when I exit from the polyline specification box the rectangle will still only show as a solid black.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this and make the polyline boxes be filled with a solid grey? image.thumb.png.172f1becb36b1384d3eb62b2e9b6473a.pngimage.thumb.png.c71f4012b53a170c681ea47207f25696.png

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      Here is a pdf with the issue:
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      It's a small file so I assume only the text is getting added to the pdf not the vectorwork or the live views.
      Also should know:
      - Other layout files plot just fine, it's just this one .layout
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      - Sending it to printer instead of pdf creates a blank sheet
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