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  1. Hi Joe. I see that you list a 55"? screen in your hardware. Are you using this with Chief Architect. My laptop is natively set to 1920 x 1080 and has a GeForce 940M video card plus an Intel(R) HD Graphics 520.

    This works great with my Acer 27" monitor but when I try it with a 32" to 50" 4K TV it looks unreadable especially the text. How do you get proper resolution with the bigger screens.

    1. Joe_Carrick


      You have to set the resolution of each monitor in the NVidea control panel.  Some Laptops will not provide a high enough resolution.  It can get a little tricky and you need to make absolutely sure that the Intel Graphics is not being used.  There's a setting in the NVidea Control Panel for PhysX that you should check.

    2. 619palace


      Ahh. I have Chief set to work only with NVidia but I bet I'm using Intel Graphics for my settings. I'll give it a try. You could have made my life so much better!

    3. Joe_Carrick


      It will also depend on the cable connection from the computer to the monitor.  Make sure you are using an HDMI cable to the NVidea GPU.  USB will probably be to the mother board GPU and that won't work.