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  1. do you know where I can get a legible portal frame detail and beam connection per 2018 code that will drop into chief architect x5

  2. I also had a HP 750 plotter. Finally had so much trouble with getting drivers that I just got rid of it. I now use a HP Designjet T-120. Not to expensive and will print a page in about 20-30 seconds. Works for me. Hope this helps. DesignsbyDevol Gary Devol Phoenix, Az. 602-751-4825
  3. I'm in phoenix and we have adopted the 2018 code. Plus phoenix has it's own addendum's to that code as well. Just adds to the fun.
  4. When I go into the framing view in 3d, i get the walls with stucco on them instead of just the framing. Floors show fine, why not the walls? If I strip off the exteriors i can see just the framing but why do I need to do that? It also doesn't stay in that view very long. Is there a way to get the framing to show without the siding material? Thanks for your answers. I'm sure it's me and not the software.
  5. Read your post and have some interest in your request. What part of the country are you in? Let me know if we can talk and what exactly you are looking for. Are you a general contractor? I live in the Phoenix area and have been using Chief Architect for about 20 yrs. Let me know if I can help. MY name is Gary Devol and my email address is gdtimber@cox.net. Thanks.
  6. Daryl, I as well live in Phoenix, and am familiar with the County process. I could get to it first of next week if you have not gotten anyone yet to help you. If you would like to converse about this give me a call, text or email me. Thanks. DesignsbyDevol@gmail.com 602-751-4825
  7. Interesting. Does this job require me to be a Canadian citizen with what I believe is an BCIN number? I am a US citizen and am moving to Canada soon. In my research I have come across what the requirements are to be able to submit plans in this country. I believe I would have to have this number. I have been a Chief user for about 20 yrs and currently am using X8 version. This is my profession currently and has been for many years. Would love to discuss this with you if you wish. My wife is a Canadian Citizen. Gary Devol 602-751-4825 designsbydevol@gmail.com
  8. I'm going to be in Montreal in Sept 2016 and would love to meet and greet anyone using Chief while I am there. Please respond if that works for you.
  9. Thanks, I will give that a try.
  10. I had a computer crash and had to start over. I did backup things regularly so not totally lost. Need to know where the "user catalogs" are stored so I can bring them forward. Thanks for the help.
  11. I would like to build a truss that looks like these around the air conditioners. I built these as separate trusses, but would like to build as one truss. When ever I try that, I lose top cords and other sections of the truss. Can we actually build this?