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  1. I don't like having to add the normal map twice but I guess it's what I got to do. I'm making progress, I think i'll have to tweak the settings. The first image is a raw upload the second is me playing with settings.
  2. I'll give it a go. We have a new texturing process that textures our timbers. I'm trying to integrate it into our models. This is what it looks like in real life and in Chief.
  3. Okay this may be an out of the realm of user help. When I export a .dae over to Lumion my texture files aren't taking the normal map file over. It thought it might combine it with the texture file but it's not. In Chief I'm getting the look I want but I when I get to Lumion I'm loosing the pattern. I've tried different file type exports with no luck. I can create a texture pattern without the normal map but I loose the depth/shadows on the surface. I have successfully created a normal map and I'm getting the look I want. I'm loosing my texture. Is it because it's a dae...do I need to export a
  4. Check out some of our latest projects. Using Chief Architect, Cadwork, and Lumion
  5. wwoody

    Hearthstone McKnight Project

    This cabin is a stacked 6x12 log on log featuring two bedrooms, a large centered fireplace in the great room, an upstairs open loft, heavy timber beams, and heavy timber rafters. Finished with hand hewing, this rustic cabin will nestle in nicely in the Great Smoky Mountains, and look as if it has been there for over a century. Adorned with rounded cedar tree posts on the porches, this home will have wonderful mountain views from those porches, and be a relaxing place to sit and watch the sunset. This home is replacing one destroyed in the Cobbly Nob area, just outside of Gatlinburg, TN burned
  6. We do both log and tImberframe, equally. I'm mainly concerned with going from Cadwork into Chief. Cadwork is basically 2 different softwares, interconnected mind you, but it's still a seperate 2d and 3d softwares. It's virtually 1 to 1 with our timber cutting machines. So I can't fault the 3d aspect of the models we create in it. It does exactly what it ws meant to do, the 2D side of it though is very limited in its ability. It's a basic cad software. There is only limited connectivity to the 3D aspect of the software. If somone for instance moves a door, I have to update both my m
  7. I work for a log home manufacturer. I use a Swiss made software named Cadwork (www.cadwork.com) to build and export our timbers for manufacture. We use several different wood cutting CNC 5-Axis machines (Essetre/Hundeggar) to cut and produce our timbers. The issue we have is that the software is not a very good tool for building plans/models for customers. It has the capability but the developers put their focus on making parts modeled export to Machine's for production and their 2d design tools and their 3d modeling for representation is very clunky. So as an Avid Cheif user I have been using