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  1. Chopsaw, if you look at the file you will see that the hinge is two parts already. I just need them to work correctly on the cabinet when the door is open or close.
  2. Mark, How would you do option #1 with attached file? HingMark.plan
  3. Thank you Mark
  4. Thank you Mark, The hinge is a symbol, They are attached using Door/Drawer Door Hinges Style from the library.
  5. Does anyone know how to solve this issue with the hinges. Thanks
  6. Hi Mark, Thanks again for your help, I am developing a Filemaker app for a local cabinet manufacturer, in their product specification they need to show the holes using the technical illustration. Regards
  7. Thank you Mark, Always good, About the holes; Sorry, I meant holes in the cabinets for adjustable shelves.
  8. Can the cabinet have holes for the shelves, without having to adding polyline solids? Can we add stretchers for the front/back of the top of the cabinet without having to adding polyline solids? Something like this:
  9. Thank you Scott and Mark, Mark, I knew of the options you mentioned but somehow I forgot about it, I didn't think about that at all!, thank you for bringing them to my attention. Regards
  10. Hi, Does anyone know how to align a vertical drawer pull (Hardware) to the right or left rather than center? Please don't say make the drawer to a door. Thanks
  11. Mark, you are right, I am trying to filter an individual folder within the user catalog, and thank you for your suggestion. Glen & Mick, thank you for the suggestion, I am aware of that option, though when using the filter the user catalog is not included in the view, see attached screen shot.
  12. I am trying to isolate one folder in the library browser' so I don't have to see other ones when creating a few manufacture cabinets. I am not sure if this option is available, when I am working with Cinema 4D we have an option to filter folders, which makes it a much cleaner and easier approach in dealing with symbols.
  13. Does anybody know if we can filter or isolate a certain folder in the library browser?
  14. Does anyone know how to edit or remove the Custom Object Fields in the Object Information once it is created?