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  1. habdou

    Cabinet Hinges

    Chopsaw, if you look at the file you will see that the hinge is two parts already. I just need them to work correctly on the cabinet when the door is open or close.
  2. habdou

    Cabinet Hinges

    Mark, How would you do option #1 with attached file? HingMark.plan
  3. habdou

    Cabinet Hinges

    Thank you Mark
  4. habdou

    Cabinet Hinges

    Thank you Mark, The hinge is a symbol, They are attached using Door/Drawer Door Hinges Style from the library.
  5. habdou

    Cabinet Hinges

    Does anyone know how to solve this issue with the hinges. Thanks
  6. habdou

    Holes Stretchers

    Hi Mark, Thanks again for your help, I am developing a Filemaker app for a local cabinet manufacturer, in their product specification they need to show the holes using the technical illustration. Regards
  7. habdou

    Holes Stretchers

    Thank you Mark, Always good, About the holes; Sorry, I meant holes in the cabinets for adjustable shelves.
  8. habdou

    Holes Stretchers

    Can the cabinet have holes for the shelves, without having to adding polyline solids? Can we add stretchers for the front/back of the top of the cabinet without having to adding polyline solids? Something like this:
  9. habdou

    Vertical Drawer Pull (Right & Left Align)

    Thank you Scott and Mark, Mark, I knew of the options you mentioned but somehow I forgot about it, I didn't think about that at all!, thank you for bringing them to my attention. Regards
  10. Hi, Does anyone know how to align a vertical drawer pull (Hardware) to the right or left rather than center? Please don't say make the drawer to a door. Thanks
  11. habdou

    User Library

    Mark, you are right, I am trying to filter an individual folder within the user catalog, and thank you for your suggestion. Glen & Mick, thank you for the suggestion, I am aware of that option, though when using the filter the user catalog is not included in the view, see attached screen shot.
  12. habdou

    User Library

    I am trying to isolate one folder in the library browser' so I don't have to see other ones when creating a few manufacture cabinets. I am not sure if this option is available, when I am working with Cinema 4D we have an option to filter folders, which makes it a much cleaner and easier approach in dealing with symbols.
  13. habdou

    User Library

    Does anybody know if we can filter or isolate a certain folder in the library browser?
  14. habdou

    Object Information: Custom Object Fields

    thank you Alaskan_Son
  15. Does anyone know how to edit or remove the Custom Object Fields in the Object Information once it is created?