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  1. Is it possible to create a bi level single open web floor truss? I have a 6" step down shower in the middle of a truss span and cannot create a single truss to show the recess for the shower floor. Don't know if the x12 can automatically create this or not or if it is possible to manually alter the floor truss. I did create a room for the shower with a -6 floor elevation and tried to draw a truss but is creates a 0 floor elevation thru the shower.
  2. Thanks for the information ... I attached a plan of the corner cabinet. I did use a corner full height cabinet and inserted the double oven. I was able to place the oven in the cabinet by going to the... cabinet specifications.....face layout even though dragging and dropping doesn't work. For the look the client wants it may just be better to create a full panel side and place them right and left so the 2D placement of the ovens looks correct. Thank you.. corner double oven.plan
  3. I am having an issue with a corner double oven in a cabinet. I am using x11 version and it looks correct in the 3D view but in the 2D view the oven locates on the right side of the cabinet. I have tried rotating the oven in the symbol specification which faces it to the front of the cabinet but is does not center on the cabinet. Any solutions for this?