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  1. Thank you.  The grass on the site requires X9.  I went out on my own just in time for the crash.  I was the person in the back room that did the designs with their names on them.  I should have not ventured out on my own, hindsight is usually correct.  I'm dyslexic and many people didn't want to deal with me.  I ended up closing the business due to loosing much in the crash and then not having much business.  At the end I was getting 3 -6 hundred for a design.  Next came a heart attack with my heart stopping on the way to the hospital.  The last report was that I have cancer.   I couldn't renew SSA so most Library items aren't available.  I amusing X8.  I decided to do designs for HH and specials for disabled vets.  The told me they don't use any designs unless they are FHA approved.  if anyone knows of a vet that has a ramp on each side of the house, one going to the front and the other to the rear.  it uses a wheel chair lift if a full basement is used.  If on a lot sloping down at the rear it could be more living space with walkout.
    Sorry, I don't get out often and when I have a chance to ramble.  I'm in my 80's and told this is usial.