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  1. Hi Joey, No worries. I was talking about the C/L dimension tool and the particulars on how to use it via defaults and or extension lines. This was not about the object centering tool. But I appreciate your willingness and diligence in getting it answered :-). I started with SmartDraw, actually liked it quite a bit, but I outgrew it fast. That is fine for doing simple stuff. Then I moved to CA HD Pro for about 10 days, then moved to CA Premier about a week ago. So I am caught between a rock and a hard place regarding the learning curve, and getting things out the door. But so far the clients seem to be happy. I understand the concepts well, but my learning curve regarding proficiency has been fairly steep, many ways and parameters to learn. But, I am getting faster every day thanks to guys like you that are on this forum.
  2. The help matches the video I posted very closely. "Cabinet, fixture and appliance, furniture, and wall opening centers are only located as a dimension line is drawn when Centers is selected for these object types. See Locate Objects Panel." - this is consistent with the video. Maybe I missed it in the video, but the help points how to mark an extension line with the C/L aspect without all that which is what I was looking for. Thank you for all for the help, this case is now closed :-). Great forum :-)
  3. I heard the "default change" piece here. in X12 it works exactly as the video says. The CL tool did not produce until I hit the default as it states. I posted to validate if there was something I was missing. I attached a pic of some experimentation for giggles just to let 'yall know I am not lazy :-) Untitled 3.pdf
  4. If you only could see my a mad scientist... The permutations are many.... 1/4 scale, 1/2 scale... etc.,. I did not ask my question correctly. My question is if there was a global policy for behavior for such as this. For example, I can change the default for 1/4 to "centers", but it looks like I would have to change the 1/2 scale seperately. From what I can tell, the CL tool will not function unless you set the default, which is counter to minimzing default changes just to get a tool to position properly. As I learn the details it will flush out, and I suppose one does not really change scales often, or framing defaults, so probably not an issue. A table of defaults on which defaults cascade, or don't would be very helpful for a newbie.
  5. I get the value of the C/L measurement tool, but I am confused as to why I have to change the defaults, will this cause other dimension behavior to change?
  6. I have glass pony walls and a glass shower door in a design. It all looks great except I would like to make the glass slightly more visible via the tempered glass selection (which looks greenish). Right now I can only see the hinges and door handle. I was looking for an opacity setting or something like that. I want the glass clear, but slightly visible. Is this doable? Thanks in advance.
  7. That will work. I started with HD Pro about 10 days ago, and move to CA-P this week. Love the tooling. I will add this to my setup process.
  8. I was thinking that making the block wider would do it, and remove the layer. But that is a way better idea. Thank you.
  9. Here in FL we do mainly CBS type of construction. I copied the default CBS wall type and created a "Std FL CBS" wall type that adds a 3/4" rigid insulation board as well as the 3/4" fir strip the interior. I have seen countless slab misses in the field when the plumber/electrician does not realize the extra 3/4' for the foam. So I am looking to create a way to have interior dimensions that are taken off exterior walls on the plan take this into account. I guess I could change the block width, or make the interior dimension defaults point to the surface. But this is only for measurements off exterior walls. Most framing crews here want to go off the block to the wall dimension layer versus the surface. How do 'yall handle this?
  10. Can CA to be able to specify horizontal layers as well as vertical layers. Am I missing something? Meaning, having a tie-beam as part fo the mix. I was sent this great article by support on how to add a tiebeam into a standard CBS wall. That is fine, it's great. But, if it looks like there is only one Pony wall default, and that will change with each build do to height. Any other ideas on how to capture this detail?
  11. Been a builder a long time, adding design services into the mix. New to CA and wondering if there is a user group in Brevard County Florida?