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  1. Thanks Eric that did the trick. I had the filling had to be something silly.
  2. That's the setting I'm trying to adjust. The selected color shows for very short moment than the gray takes over.
  3. It' not a problem with a plan, rather defaults. Here is my default plan. ProfileX11 21.plan
  4. All camera views have dark grey background. If I change background to picture it just put the picture darker than it should be. If I change background to color it darkens the color like the gray was overlaying it. Anybody has an idea what I'm missing?
  5. It works quite accurately. Because of size of gears it runs about 12 hrs.
  6. to dr aw and build this project took half time of building mid size house
  7. This one was easy to make. Stretch plains right in the center. X Railing.calibz
  8. I tried to get it to work with 5" piece of rail witch would be replicated together with baluster - no luck. Just trying to avoid extra work when resizing or moving sections of railing. Panel resizes automatically but spindle spacing gets screwed up.
  9. Yes, That looks right. Would be nice if we could edit middle rail to place it under top just like that.
  10. I've created these symbols - they work with standard Chief's deck railing (baluster type). Bottom rail needs to be rotated, but second subrail on top is needed for mounting individual balusters. This can be added polyline solid, or somebody has a better idea. Decorail Scroll.calibz Decorail Arch.calibz
  11. Besides general construction I build custom stairs, custom cabinets and Chief is getting close to let me present my job. At last I'll be able to show cabinet interior without workarounds. But I have hard time to accept new feature as "break stairs" when it can not present it right. All it needs is to be able to move center of rail/baluster to the center of wall it pointing. To make it code compliant without rail on the other side, there is S connector required to upper rail to get it continuous. The video about new features clearly shows the issue and I'm surprised CA let it go. Isn't it al
  12. It is how it displays in 3D - look in whats new video. Since it is new feature it doesn't come free - you pay for it. When I pay for something I expect it to work right.
  13. Upgrade looks great except for stairs. We need control how far from side edge spindles and handrail are mounted. After breaking and stretching lower section of stairs handrail is missing end wall, or if width of stairs is reduced to display handrail correctly than the skirt board is under drywall. To make it code compliant handrail has to be continuous (it would require S connector with upper rail, but this might be to much to ask for). I usually put full length handrail on other wall, but on couple occasions it was worse choice.
  14. changing stretch planes doesn't change drawer, but pull out shelf works right.
  15. Thanks, I got it to work, but is there a way so drawer resizes with cabinet resizing?