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  1. Hi Susan, Great question. Here are some social media tips we've found to be successful for getting brands to engage with us and eventually join our Partner Program. Collaboration and engagement increase opportunity. When you collaborate, you reach not only your audience, but your collaborator's audience. Think beyond your feed. Get your content into the manufacturers feed. Here are some examples: Follow the brands you are interested in. Tag them when there is an opportunity. They will become aware of you so when you ask for something, they trust that you are a legitimate customer and not a bot. They value their customers. Engaging with the brands you want is the number one thing you can do to get the ball rolling. Invite manufacturers to a collaborator post on Instagram. When you do this, the post appears in their feed and yours. It's win win because you benefit by reaching their audience and they benefit by reaching your audience. When you are posting an image of a new design, in the description, tag brands who's products are included. Tag us @chiefarchitect and ask that they add their line of products to our 3D Library. We can follow up with them by commenting on the post. We like to make it easy for them to get in contact with us. Here is an example of what we may comment on a manufacturers post or a post as described above. "@chiefarchitect users are asking for your products in a digital catalog. We would love to include you in our 3D Library. Please get in touch with us at for the details. Thank you!" By doing this, we have given them a chance to click a link directly to our social media page, not hunt us down, and provided an email address to contact us. Hashtags & Keywords: Instead of or in addition to hashtags use relevant copy with keywords in the caption that help with searching. Active searching is how people look for things now, not necessarily by following hashtags. If you are going to use hashtags, fewer is better. Using four relevant hashtags are best. But using the right words in the copy is the best chance of being found / seen. For help with keywords, the Google Keyword Planner can help. Put in a category and it gives you search results for trending topics. These are the best keywords to use. Use @ to tag companies or people. It will notify them that you did this. Use # to be added to feeds of those who follow that specific hashtag. People who follow the # will not be notified. So if you want to ensure your message is getting to them. Tag / @ The image below illustrates how to do a collaborator post on Instagram.
  2. The Chief Academy: Advanced Residential Level II course has been added to the seminar store for those of you who are interested in joining this class. Sign up by August 9, 2022, and save up to $309.50!