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  1. This is for Chief Academy 2022, a two and a half day training event hosted near our headquarters in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Learn more about Chief Academy on our website. SAVE up to $309.50 when you sign up by Aug. 9, 2022 What you will get: 2-Day comprehensive training course Focused Training Seminars One-on-one Training Test drive New Products Lunch 2 Days 2 Evening Receptions Cruise on Lake Coeur d’Alene Morning Hike Networking
  2. Are you enrolled in in the Residential Advanced 2 course? Let's put together a list of things to discuss in class.
  3. Introduce yourself and tell us which course you are enrolled in this year.
  4. Now that you've registered for Chief Academy, get tips to prepare for getting the most out of your experience! How to Prepare for Chief Academy
  5. The Chief Academy: Advanced Residential Level II course has been added to the seminar store for those of you who are interested in joining this class. Sign up by August 9, 2022, and save up to $309.50!