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  1. Good morning, Sorry my web site is www.drssrq.com We are looking for a CA designer to help us with our client designs, we are a design build company in Florida, have been using CA for years. We just lost our full time designer after 9 years. If this is something you are interested in we have several projects needed to get up and going asap Pls call to discuss, Ron 941 650 5376
  2. Good morning, We are looking for a CA designer, we are a design build firm. Pls respond www.drsfl.com Ron
  3. need drawings done, you available? how do you work your services/pricing?

    941 375 0124


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      Hi Ron:

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      Bob Shofner

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  4. Good morning, We are looking for a drafts person with CA abilities to work on our projects, pls call 941 375 0124 for more details, Thanks!!
  5. Good morning, Looking for a drafts person to help us out on our projects. Pls call 941 375 0124
  6. I am looking for someone who is capable of producing drawings for remodeling/additions with good turn around times. Must have good product knowledge and easy to convey a full range of design themes to. We do approx. 60-80 projects a year, mostly whole house and some stand alone kitchens/master bathrooms. If local to Sarasota FL all the better. This is a long term position we are looking to forge. If interested and you have the horsepower to run with us then please contact me to discuss further. TIA
  7. High end design build firm is looking to hire an house full time CA designer. We are NOT looking for a Freelance designer. This is a great opportunity for the right person who would like to move to sunny, opened up Florida or is here already!! Please send resume to ron@drsfl.co
  8. High end design build firm, state licensed general contractor is seeking a well seasoned designer who also has years of CA experience. Great opportunity for the right person. We have a design center, great working environment. Great pay with incentives to grow into. Please contact me directly 941 375 0124 or by email ron@drsfl.co. www.drssrq.com
  9. DRSFL1


    High end remodeler in Sarasota FL is seeking a full time CA draftsperson for a full time position. Great pay and environment, start immediately. Please send resume or call 941 375 0124
  10. Design build firm looking to hire a full time or immediate help using a freelance designer asap. Sun coast of Florida. Great pay for the all rounded candfadate. Pls call 941 650 5376, immediate opening www.drssrq.com