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  1. Hi Curt and Mick, The way I have my profiles set up I'll need to send my chief hot keys as well and I'll need to delete a few things off the profile so try to find time soon. When I first set it up I made a Layout in Chief with a map of the key pad and went through want I used the most I'll see if I can find that as well. I use the joystick for changing the camera mode and the two buttons either side, one for fill screen and the other for point to point. I have G15,G20,G21,G22 all set with the different copy and paste functions. In our office I have my computer with the keypad and one for our big screen with just a normal key board and it really does seem very slow using the tool bars and normal hot keys.
  2. buildology


    We have a system that when a job comes in our Admin person puts all the information into an Excell spread sheet(name,address,zone, wind zones etc...) I use this information in my first meeting with clients, if the client signs up the last excell sheet has a chief marco that is auto filling so we just copy and paste to a word doc and save as Json. file. When we start our layout we just import the Json. file and it fills in all the site and client details. Sounds a lot more work than it really is, it only takes above five minutes and saves about 20mins
  3. Logitech G13 I've used this for years and I love it Basically I only use the main keyboard when I write text, the rest is with my mouse and the G13. It has speed up my plan drawing massively. I also have my email address on one touch.
  4. Is there a hole for the window in elevation or is it a blank wall?
  5. Site measure took 6 hrs for two people and no structural drawings. Yes render time is crap but I think it was the 3d tree and the size of the model. I normally go for around the 5-8 minute mark, I've attached another project which I think came out with similar results at same setting but 6 min Raytrace time. A lot less detailing inside and less trees outside File size is 58mb We also have a few spare computers in our office so I normally set up five or six at a time and then go off and do something else..
  6. Just draw the profile you want with a normal line send it to the library as a molding, then chose the new profile under the gutter select.
  7. The Raytracers were a bit rushed as we had tight dead line and it was 11.30 on a Sunday night but we used the model on our big screen for the client presentation and they seemed really happy.. Raytrace Time 30mins each Model Build time 40hrs
  8. We've done a block a 15 apartments, Chief did start running a bit slow but it got the job do. Final file size was 65Mb on X5 I am currently working on a 1920s house with lots of internal detailing as well as lots of external landscaping file size is 115Mb seems to be running fine. One thing I did do was to trim the default Camera back to just walls,roof and terrain and then made an internal camera view layer and an external layer just to speed things up when I want to look a it in 3d. Also make sure you save lots..
  9. I've tried the Makerbot software(which is free) just exported a 3DS and it went straight in, just need the $2500 for the printer and I'd be away..
  10. I'm more of a video person and found these guys had a lot of help tips
  11. I think your looking for Terrain Specification - Building Pad - Pad Elevation