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  1. I have bought 3 different MSI laptops from xoticpc and they have all been great, no issues ever running anything
  2. Just get a bigger ladder and do it right. At some point in time it will have to be done right.
  3. You really need to get the reference manual and do some tutorials before assuming you have no control. I come from a truss designer background and use Mitek software at work and you enter walls directly with arrow keys and dimensions. As stated above you can do that similarly with the tab key. But i understand the push to just draw it out intuitively and slide stuff into place as you go since you are creating the plan yourself. so unless you are coping something, or doing some existing structures, it makes more sense to roughly draw it out and adjust with dimensions. When i started using this software last year it was definitely different then what i am used to but i did a lot of tutorials and i read tons of posts on here just to see what people run into. I actually learned more from watching the full house project videos then the tutorials
  4. I agree the manual is great, i have it in paper back, as well as all the tutorials online there are few things unanswered
  5. I am having one built right now that i should have in the next week or so. i can let you know how it runs. MSI gt72vr dominator pro dragon, I7 7700, gtx1070, 64gb ram, with 2 ssd, 512 samsung 960 pro and wd 1tb