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  1. Thank you! I thought about just doing it in Sketchup but I will try your way.
  2. Hello everyone, In my current project, a client asks for a groin vault, something like that. I've looked through the forum but I can't find anything about this. How is it possible to do with Chief? I would be very grateful for a video. Thanks in advance
  3. To be honest, making a wall thinner is the best decision. Maybe CA is not a programme for very thick concrete or adobe walls. Unfortunately, there are places in the world where people build a foot-thick or even two-feet thick stone exterior walls. Test plan.plan
  4. There is no plan, I was trying to learn how to create mulled units on a random wall when I notice this issue.
  5. It's not about thickness, I checked on different walls. Even when I mull windows and doors together these thin dividers remain. I thought it was a part of the wall but it remains when I mull them...
  6. I have a problem with sidelight windows in very thick walls. I think it is obvious from the screenshot. Windows (and doors) have this think "wall" between themselves and central door. When I mull the objects these walls stay. Is there a way to remove them?I deleted casing but it wouldn't help.
  7. I think I might have found the answer already. I turned off Bumping/Pushing setting and walls stopped ... fluctuate. Thank you all for the answers! I tried to do it at first but then I had to change the diomensions of dozens of walls again and again and again because when I change one wall other walls change at the same time.
  8. I am looking through them but I haven't found this specific issue. Maybe it was adressed in some video but so far I found only some ideal examples of drawing.
  9. I am just starting to work with this program but one feature really annoys me. You absolutely don't control walls' behavior during drawing. F.example I draw one wall 10 feet long, then a corner or some angle and another one 5 feet long. Then I check my first wall--- it's already 9 feet 10 inches...How? I fix one wall, another connected to it changes accordingly and my plan is screwed... Are there any tips or some settings to prevent it? I saw plan samples and they have even dimensions.... How do they get this?