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  1. That's pretty cool. A lot of steps for sure but the results are great for various promotional ideas.
  2. I guess this technology keeps getting better and better. But would you ever not double check most of the measurements? May as well just draw it out for a quick floor plan using any number of programs and import into Chief. The Scan to Cad feature looks interesting though... Funny it didn't take me long to get hooked on my laser measurer but why does this sort of stuff make me nervous? Paul
  3. Printer driver needs update??
  4. Wow....... Vector Works has come a long way since I looked at it last. Gorgeous stuff being presented over there for sure. I'm thinking its as much the artist behind the mouse as it is the program helping him along. If I had time I'd be tempted to download the free version to play with it. Funny sort of reminds me of pencil and pen drawings back in college. Our professors would push the quality of lineweight , clarity and detail as much as the content of the drawing...don't get me started on text!! This program seems to bring back that side of things where a spectacular drawing in of itself can easily get the information intended across. Seems a little heavy handed for the residential work I do and I imagine the learning curve is a serious investment in time, but the results speak for themselves. I'm sure they're just as many guys on the vw forum moaning about it and it's short comings, the grass is never greener.......
  5. The whole floor resize, roof move, lower floor.....and all the combinations there of, has been a source of great fist and head pounding for me. This thread helps a lot. Thanks.
  6. That did it ! Would never have thought of that, thanks so much. These finer chief points are what really stump me.
  7. David, it is also turned off, same as the main room.
  8. I just used glass shower walls also. I pulled them down from the 97 1/8 to a reasonable height. Is your shower still a separate room?
  9. I know this has been covered before but for the life of me I can't find any threads. Although, I did just spend the last couple hours getting lost in all sorts of other interesting threads in my search. Fwiw, the room has no ceilings above unchecked, the problem disappears if I pull back the glass wall a little from the exterior wall and lose the room definition. This is where I've sort been trying to make it work. Tried a few different approaches such as drawing the walls after the roof vs before etc. I just end up with the same thing more or less. Can anyone guide me to the appropriate thread or solution? Thanks.
  10. It does not get into the much detail. I'm a cabinet maker myself also, wish it did. There are programs that do though, check out ecabinet systems, it might be what you're looking for. Nice renders too.
  11. Just add a 2x6 plate all around exterior and over l/b walls. In the real world some levelling will be required..
  12. Can anyone point me to one?? Thanks. Paul