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  1. You're the man! Thank you. There is a shed on the property that I'm not touching. Long ago I put in its own layer so that I wouldn't have to see it. The shed is the storage room, and it contains a window!
  2. How do I find a "phantom" room in my plans? My window schedule includes a "phantom window" in a phantom room. For the life of me, I can't find the "storage" room or its single casement window anywhere in my plans. I have copied layer sets and systematically turned layers on and off. I wouldn't know about it, except I just added the window schedule to my plans and layout, and it appeared, seemingly out of thin air. I know that it's a good thing to be able to see through a window and feel like it's not there, but this is a bit extreme....
  3. Thanks George. That's close but no cigar, because I'm looking for those indicators in PLAN view, in addition to elevations.
  4. Is there a way to show which way casement windows open in plan view, just like doors? This was a topic back in 2018. Several people gave +1s, but I haven't found that it's been implemented. I'm using X13.
  5. What is the practice for numbering a set of plans with revision clouds and numbers? Does one use a different system for numbering revisions triggered by the owner/designer, versus the plan check review? How would you number this scenario? I submitted a set of plans dated 7/16/20, with changes triggered by my engineer. Those changes were identified in clouds with 8 in triangle. Building department responds with "plan check comments #1" that includes 5 questions. When you respond to those questions with clouded changes in your plans, what number is tied to those clouds? Then the building department responds with "plan check comments #2," that includes 5 DIFFERENT QUESTIONS about the "original" 7/16/20 submittal (remember, v8). When you respond to the second set of questions with clouded changes in your plans, what number is tied to THOSE clouds? Note that the only changes I've added to the plans (since they were submitted 7/16/20) are clouds in response to plan check comments (different sets) on the "ORIGINAL" 7/16/20 submittal (called v8)? I'm new enough at this, and working with a very dysfunctional building department, that we could BOTH be wrong. My engineer and an experienced architect have given me different answers. Thank you, Joe
  6. I'm switching computers - from one MacBook Pro to another. I've moved my license, so Chief is running on the new machine, but it's not customized the way that I like it. Where are the little, but important preference files saved on a Mac so that I can move them to my new computer and getting Chief looking and behaving the way that I'm used to. Thanks.
  7. Easy one for Sunday morning (at least in California).... Suggestions for how to model plumbing vent pipes? Only thing I've found so far are "cylinders," which I think would work pretty well. Anybody with more experience have suggestions? Venting in my current project is a bit of a challenge, so I would like to actually put into plan to share with all trades to avoid conflicts.
  8. Is there a way to have the different configurations of doors and windows in the same wall, perhaps on different layers or plan views, so that I can quickly swap between two different plan AND 3D views? I am building a space that I want to be flexible for the future, without having to make any structural changes: either open space as part of a "separate" in-law unit, or possibly 2 bedrooms incorporated into the house above. Open space has 2 windows, then door, then 2 more windows. 2 bedrooms have 1 window, then door, then wall, then door, then window UNDER the same headers.
  9. Hi David! I'm getting closer.... Have spend shelter in place watching a lot of videos and reading a lot of Chief help pop-ups. I'm much improved. Still, Chief can be frustrating. But not nearly as bad as the local planning department...
  10. By your accurate description, I am whacky. But you have provided me with a map. Thanks. And yes, by "ground elevation" I meant the level of the terrain in my model, as set by a line, at the entrance to Floor 1.
  11. Thanks Robert. Perimeter has no elevation associated with it, per help. So I put an elevation line in at the entrance to the first floor. To have the ground be at Floor 1 = 0", I had to make the ground elevation be -280". Then I created other elevation data above and below that to build my slope. The result is that Chief is telling me that the front of my lot is 32' below sea, when in reality, it is 98' above sea level. ???
  12. Hi all. I picked a challenge for my first CA project, a very complex remodel. I am the owner, working closely with a contractor. I'm in Phase 3, seeking a permit to excavate a garage into a hillside, the roof of which will be a front yard. There are existing stairs (public) that go up the hill adjacent to my property, as shown. I've looked at terrain in help, watched videos, etc., and I'm getting there, with combination of foundation walls, terrain breaks, stairs, elevations regions, points, etc, but this is a GRIND for me. I'm trying to get the terrain between the garage and the stairs to be a few inches ABOVE the height of the garage roof. The garage roof will actually be artificial grass. 1. Are there PARTICULAR videos or help topics that you can suggest to move me along at 20 mph, rather than just 5 mph? 2. Similar question about elevations for house floors and terrain. Floor 1 starts at 0", but elevations are absolute to sea level. Ugh. In my plan, they seem out of sync. Street at front of upslope site is 98 feet above sea level. Chief is showing it at -41 feet. My first floor, at 0", is about 20 feet above the street, or 120' above sea level. How do calibrate terrain to sea level? Thanks,
  13. Would one of you be so kind to tell me what PBR stands for? Thanks.
  14. Spacemouse has very limited functionality on MacOS running Catalina (10.15). Under Mojave (10.14) it did MOST of the things it can do on Windows, so worth it. Under Catalina is has become worthless. The ball is in Chief's court, per my notes below (after multiple calls back and forth between 3DX and CA).
  15. Thank you. So far, I've found it used in an old 3D view, though I still haven't found what it is. Will keep plugging!
  16. Thanks all. Chopsaw's summary of my original question is correct. Also, I'm on a Mac, so I can't use his trick to buzz through my currently too-many layer sets. I have a layer called "Layer 3," from when I was just beginning. I have no idea what's on it. But there is a + sign in the layer description, showing that it IS being used, SOMEWHERE. I went to "all off" layer set and set "Layer 3" to display. I can't find anything, on any floor. I've used select all, made sure that I'm looking at my whole workspace, etc. It SEEMS like it's a layer that I should delete in my cleanup. But given the disorganized way that I created this file, it could contain work that I don't want to delete, and which I should simply put on a layer that makes sense (now that I understand layers and layer sets). Any suggestions?
  17. Cleaning up layer sets, old layers, and trying to be efficient with my various views. In a layer set, I can see used layers. Is there a way to see the reverse: "Go to" a layer and see which layer sets it's in.?
  18. Just curious. I should have watched a lot of them sooner!
  19. Alaska, You brilliant. Me Tarzan. That's why I called them "1st order stupids." Thank you.
  20. Hi all. Thank you in advance. I'm inexperienced in this forum, and "experienced" in CA via brute force. Which means that I've got a very confused plan, which, however, I HAVE used to get permits, for MY OWN complex residential remodel. In California, we get permits any way we can! I've finally committed to learning to use CA correctly so that I can create "accurate" renderings for marketing purposes to help virtually sell this house during pandemic. Please forgive my apparent lack of manners and 1st order stupids in plan. I believe that I HAVE changed all the layers in my reference display layer set to red. That change doesn't show. If however, I define reference set lines as dashes rather than solid, THAT change does show. There is other related display stuff happening that I don't understand - other things show up dashed.... I don't yet know how to upload images, so have attached PDFs. My plan is 158 MB. I couldn't upload it. Discouraging way to start my day! Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 9.42.53 AM.pdf Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 9.43.13 AM.pdf
  21. Thanks Solver and Ridge. I think I have it set correctly, BUT IT'S STILL NOT CHANGING TO RED. Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 11.12.26 PM.pdf
  22. Hi Solver and maybe DianeP, I have a very similar question. I switched to X-12 today, 5/7/20. I have tried several ways (inc. all listed above) to change everything displayed in my reference display layer set from black to red. It won't change. Thanks, Joe Until I figure out how to put in my signature: X-12, MacPowerBook
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