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  1. How do you delete a hatch on a floor plan. I'm using V12 of Chief Achitect Interiors. I added wall hatches on a floor plan. Im not able to turn off the layer.
  2. Hello 

    I need help adding a second floor to a house plan. Currently its a bungalow.

    My client wants a second floor added. She loves the craftsmen style.

    Would you be able to help?




    1. designercats


      Thankyou I'm using V12 interiors. Just updated from V9. Previously, always worked on auto cad.


  3. Ontario Canada Interior Designer is looking for help in Design and Drafting. Individual must be proficient in Chief Architect Software and own their own license to Chief Architect X9 or X10. Helpful but not a must if designer is BCIN certified. Individual will be proof-reading plans, making revisions, updating plans, drafting full plans of homes remodels, all in Chief Interiors/ Architect X9 and X10. remotely. This is on a contract basis only, no full employment. Contact by email with sample of work. My specility is Interior Design I was hoping to get someone family with roof planes etc.
  4. Hi I'm working on ca interiors version #9. Is there a way to edit elevation numbers on an elevation and corresponding plan? Thanks
  5. Would someone advise what i'm doing wrong my dormer is sticking out of the interior wall. How do i fix this? \My experience is only with interiors. Thanks in advance issue with dormer.pdf
  6. I have a question.

    I'm making an existing block overlay to show an asbuilt condition.

    In chief architect interiors X9. I cannot locate the make block symbol. Any advise?


  7. Hi I found the info to convert a cad dwg to chief but am unsure what layers to keep. Can I convert them all? Or do I need to select only doors windows and walls?
  8. Hi Thanks for your response. I'm drawing a house up from scratch. But I'm only really interested in the interior space as I'll be doing interior renovations. When I'm drawing up the space one dimension in the manual dimension defaults to the exterior wall when \i type in the dimension. It wastes time as I need to correct each dimension and add on what was dimensioned to an interior wall. There must be a better way.
  9. Doe anyone have a tip to set up dimension default to measure interior walls surface to surface. One side is also an exterior wall and my interior dimension defaults to the exterior of that wall. I am new to chief interiors X9.. I only require the interior dimensions.