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  1. I do use Logitech keyboard and mouse....
  2. Maybe it's something to do with migrating from a previous version and using an old previously generated templates with the new X13 system? Something is incompatible and causes the error? That's why it's not present for everyone? Just a wild guess as I was using templates and settings generated in older versions. Doesn't seem to be a hardware matter.
  3. When you choose in Adobe Acrobat - Edit - Preferences - Page Display - and untick "smooth line art" the thin lines on the area fill disappear. If I leave it on, it appears. But me personally, use the PDF straight from Chief Architect and open in Photoshop for some design work, and the lines are there, unless I untick the anti-aliasing option which makes the text look rough and not smooth... also tried it in Chrome browser, and same lines appear, so I think the problem is still on the Chief side, the way it writes the PDF somehow....
  4. This did not work for me unfortunately. Printed one plan from the normal view and another one sent to layout both with built in PDF printer, and still got the same lines everywhere on my color fills.
  5. This also have been a major issue for me for years now. If you print to PDF and then import that file to let's say photoshop, then if you leave the anti-aliased setting ticked, you will see these lines and they are sometimes pretty bad. If you un-tick the anti-aliased setting, then these lines will disappear but you will get all the text looking rough and not smoothed at all. I have not found a workaround for this problem yet, and unfortunately the X13 did not fixed this issue also....
  6. Just letting everyone know that I have a same issue when my mouse "stops" working similar way described above. Seems to be some kind of issue with X13 and perhaps some computers. Looking forward to hear about the fixes/updates for this one.