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  1. I'm in search of the "best" way to identify outlets in Floor Plan View. I suppose this would be similar to distinguishing other symbols from each other into groups. My first attempt was to just label them by Circuit Breaker Number. I can't figure out how to put a number on the symbol. Second attempt was to change the color. I see everything in Floor Plan View is Black on White so perhaps colors are out. Also, any ideas on best plan to deal with a second outlet directly above another? For example one outlet at 13" above the floor and a second one at 40" above the floor.
  2. The Solidworks Activation of both a Work and Home computer works well. I've used it for about 20 years and find it to be convenient but still make sure it is just one user using it on two computers. B2W Software, previously Bid 2 Win, allows a Work computer and then a laptop or home computer. You can even check out a bid and take it with you on your laptop and then check it back in to the server. It also lets one user use multiple computers without allowing a second PERSON to use the license.
  3. Thanks David, I had tried that. Thanks Glenn, that worked!
  4. Chief doesn't seem to know about openings in wall unless they are doors or windows - or am I missing something. I am working on modifications of an existing office and am cutting two doorways into existing walls. The horizontal wall in the above pic has two studs removed, an additional one added on each side and a 4x12 header added. Chief doesn't quite do that right but it works out reasonable well. The one in the vertical wall has one stud removed so is 30.5" wide before drywalled. Chief can't get me a decent representation of that. The side clearance at the top of the pic minimums out at 4", but it's actually just one stud: 1.5". I've moved the stud around in the wall detail and we get blank space at the doorway closest to the wall and the stud on the other side hanging out beyond the wall. I have lots of similar items in the house I'm working on. I'm having the same problem on it. However, this needs to get built at the end of the month and I would like a proper representation of it. It is showing it as it is on the floorplan and not with the stud hanging out. Why can't I have an opening in a wall that isn't a doorway with no door and jamb?
  5. You need the font from a PC that installed CA for Windows. If you only have the Mac version, it sounds like you don't have it. Forum won't let me attach that kind of file. If you need it, PM me with your email address and I will email it directly to you.
  6. Yes, the two older Xeon's just outdo my single mid-range Xeon. But look at the memory and disk speed.
  7. I don't think there is a limitation in CA with this many pixels. I'm commonly using far more pixels than that without the problem. Currently using 4800x2560. I was recently playing with 5760x1920.
  8. Latest Version that Nvidia supports for pro use is 361.91, its called Optimal Drivers for Enterprise. Not sure if that is supported yet for Solidworks 2015.
  9. Thanks to both of you. I was fairly convinced that process was having issues. I was using 2016 and saving in the older formats but it wasn't working properly about half the time. Of course, that old workstation is now at work so I don't get 10 minutes to play with it without interruption. On my new workstation, with a clean install of CA and Sketchup 2016 plus a new drawing, it seems to be working. All the old drawings seem to be having an issue on the old computer, some of them carry the issue to the new one. Bizarre. I can redraw the ones with issues in an hour so I'm not going to chase it too hard. Dave RIchards just convinced me that Sketchup 2016 is significantly better than 2013 and I didn't realize that they killed the access to 3d Warehouse with 2013 so they are motivating people to upgrade. Upgrade to CA x8 is insane for just personal use. I already spent double what is reasonable for that use with the purchase of HDP and then an upgrade to CA x6.
  10. There seems to be very little information on which 3d CAD formats and versions are importable into CA to make your own User Catalog. CA seems to call them Symbols when importing them and then they appear in the User Catalog so I hope I'm using the correct terminology. I'm using Sketchup since this is mostly personal work on my own house and personal offices. It was probably massive overkill to upgrade from HD Pro to CA x5, then x6 during the SSA period. I was using Sketchup v8, then 2013 and don't recall having any problems with my own work. I did have lots of problems using files from the 3d Warehouse with textures that didn't come through, etc. Now I've installed Sketchup 2016. When importing these into my CA x6 v16.3.0.59x64, I get the very poor error message: Couldn't create a symbol. There were no 3D surfaces found in the data file. I assume this is their way of saying CA doesn't recognize the newer filetype. I had success using older symbols created in v8 and v2013 but then started having lots of issues even when using v2016 to save in v2013 format. I think this managed to damage my install of CA as I was getting the same errors even when reinstalling SKP files that hadn't changed for years. I have now finished setting up my new personal workstation and reinstalled CA on that. It seems "happier" but I'm really looking for someone that has figured out the best way to deal with this.
  11. Sounds like another reason not to use the junk Nvidia gamer cards. HP Support Assistant goes out and shows you the optimimum driver to use for each of the supported applications and your hardware. I just can't say enough good about HP Workstations and fully supported hardware. The entire design world uses dual monitors or better. Lately feeling crippled that I had to go from 6 down to 3 since I only installed one video card in my new workstation. Today I received a new monitor that allowed Displayport passthrough so am back to 4. Almost acceptable.
  12. I can't figure out how to do a recessed entry in a commercial building. Considered making part of the building two storey but that seems wrong. Here is a rough idea of the concept showing a view from outside the building and one from the inside. Of course, there would be a door in the glass panel area. Also does anyone know where there is a Library of standard commercial door/window items? CA X6 BTW. I see all my history and signature containing my info is missing.