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  1. I am using X9 and when I log in to download a new library catalog even when i select an item that's only available in X9 or X10 after it download and i click to open it my computer opens up X8 version and the catalog is only available in X8 and not X9. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Draftsmith

    Winders - at start of stairs?

    Is there a legal way to draw stairs that solve this problem?
  3. Draftsmith

    Winders - at start of stairs?

    Can I start a staircase with winders? Like the photo attached? With the angled pieces at the bottom/start of the stairs going up?
  4. Draftsmith

    Mac vs. PC

    I need to get a new computer. 1. Should I buy a mac or pc to run this program? I have a pc laptop now, but Which is better? 2. I need to renew my ssa, can i transfer that from pc to mac?
  5. Draftsmith

    Importing .dxf

    That was too large but 12 worked! Thanks! So now that it imports as CAD do I have to draw over the lines with chief walls if I want to do any sort of 3D rendering?
  6. Draftsmith

    Importing .dxf

    Someone sent me a dxf drawing but it comes up very small once I import it. Is there a way to get it to scale once it's imported. Or a specific way I should tell someone to export it so it will come to Chief Architect to scale?