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  1. Can you find an applicable model in the NanaWall catalog?
  2. Melissa, this Knowledge Base how-to should answer your question:
  3. Hi Drawzilla, The Room Planner cloud storage has tiered pricing starting at 6 plans (5 are free). The Chief Architect 3D Viewer cloud storage is free for up to 99 plans as a benefit of SSA.
  4. Thanks for the question Shelby. Unfortunately the data you want is beyond the scope of Room Planner, but can be obtained from one of our Home Designer software products, for example Home Designer Architectural-- www<dot>HomeDesignerSoftware<dot>com. Room Planner is great for designing and visualizing interior spaces, but has no tool to measure to the outside of the framing of a structure, as would be required when measuring to the top of a roof.