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  1. New issue. Don't know why but when I select a manufacturer, for instance a paint color, the drop down preview are not displayed. So if I look at Sherwin Williams under "reds", click on that & normally there would be mini icons of all the reds but that is no longer happening. Same thing with tile, plants etc. Is it a setting that somehow got turned off?
  2. Realizing now that it is because I needed to rotate the plan to get it to fit onto the layout sheet. Arrows work but in the other direction. In other words, when I need to move a window left or right, I need to use the up or down arrows. Hmmm....
  3. That's it in a nutshell, I can't bump windows over, doors etc., text will move however...
  4. Try this for deck railing.


  5. Wondering if there are options for side mount railing systems such as the cable or rod systems that have the metal newels that are mounted on the outside of the deck.
  6. Just as general comment on all this, I have been using Bullzip and most of the sheets turn out fine but exterior elevations are faint & have a lot of ghosting every time. I print Vector with no color & no shadows but still not good,.. some lines do not even show up in actual hard copy. Going to try CA printer, maybe give Foxit a try.
  7. On the framing plan. Also a framing overview; the framing for just the addition, walls, floor, clg. etc.. no need to frame what is existing.
  8. I am working on an addition and just want to show the new framing; walls (the easy one) floors, ceiling etc., Can this be down automatically with specific settings or does it have to be done manually?
  9. Thanks guys. Yes I do block them first. I will contact Chief today.
  10. When I group items together, such as kitchen island etc., and then attempt to save to the library, I get error messages. The first tells me a serious error has occurred (with the usual verbiage), then, depending on which box I click on, the program either crashes or I get a second msg. saying "Disk image is malformed". This is happening consistently and without exception. I did a reinstall to see if that would patch this back together but no success.
  11. Well, I figured out a way to import them thru the "library, import" tab. It is working but it's still a mystery how things wound up where they did. Thank you very much for your help Solver.
  12. Solver - that is very interesting. The only files that show up with the .calibz extension are the catalogs that I downloaded that do not appear, and they are in Chief Architect Premier X9 Data folder. There is a location on my WDMYCLOUD that contains all the zipped files that I installed prior to moving to the new computer but I'm not seeing anything with a date that reflects the time period that I was trying to download most recently so it does not appear that somehow they defaulted back to landing there. Could an entire folder be missing? I don't see how I could be accessing the items if that were the case.
  13. I have also searched for specific manufacturers which appear in the library browser, for instance Kohler, to see where those folders are located but again I get the "no results found" msg.
  14. Within c:\program data\chief architect..x9\, there is no folder "manufacturer libraries", just "manufacturer data" that just has logos in it. hmmm... in searching for a folder "manufacturer Libraries" I get the "no results found".