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  1. Hi, I understand you are looking for someone to do design work through internet and exchanging idea and sending plans back and forth till finish.  I am online freelance chief drafter with 6 years of experience and can help you accordingly. Thanks.

  2. Hello I sent you a private PM.  Thanks.

  3. I saw your request for drafting help my name is John Torres and I have over 25 years providing construction documents for architects, engineers and contractors using Auto-CAD and now 4 years with Chief Architect X8 and now X9. I have very good references from my current and previous employers. I have many years experience with residential production housing, custom and semi-custom houses. I can take preliminary design information from architects and produce complete working drawing for city submittal. .

    I am living in Oxnard CA.using Chief Architect X9 from home.  I have attached my resume and a work sample for your review. If you are interested you can call or email me.

    John  M. Torres

     Phone (623) 340-3093

    Resume 2018 ca.pdf

    4836 Placidia 11-30-16-Layout.pdf

    1. MichaelStanley


      Hi John,

      I am a General Contractor in Santa Rosa CA.(San Francisco Bay Area). I have been using Chief Architect for a couple of years and use it for our easier design/build remodel projects. Things have changed here after the fires and we are now helping many folks to rebuild new homes. While some people are going to Architectural offices, some that are rebuilding what they had (original footprint), but with some interior changes are coming to us for this help. I can do the meetings with the owners and  do the initial drawings, but then I am looking for somebody that works in Chief to help get the plans building dept. submittal ready. Is this something you do? Are you interested? How do you charge? 

      Thank you.

      Michael Stanley   415-932-9272


    2. JTCADService


      I Michael, I just sent you an email with what I have been charging for drafting work.

      John Torres

  4. I am a designer/builder located in Santa Rosa, CA. I am also a long time Chief user. I have several projects I need help drafting into Chief X9 to create full construction drawings. They range in scope from Kitchen and bath remodels, to accessory dwelling units, and new homes. Please contact me if you are interested.