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  1. There is definitely a difference between the built-in 'Save as pdf' and using Adobe pdf as the printer driver, quite dramatic in fact. I printed them out, both using 1200dpi, and compared side by side the built-in 'Save as pdf' is by far the preferable option. Lines are in general much cleaner and more distinct. Patterns with fine lines look much better. For some reason the difference when it comes to cad-blocks is the most notable, staying clean at 800% whereas the Adobe pdf becomes very jagged and often introduced artifacts, like it doesn't have access to the same data. (Which it may not.) Why it is like this is another question. In some cases, especially with some parallel lines in walls, it looked a bit better with Adobe pdf. Almost as if it was using more antialiasing than the built-in driver and therefore cleaned up some graphics issues. In the end it doesn't matter as the built-in was superior in almost all aspects.
  2. Adobe Acrobat but I don't remember seeing this before.
  3. I used 1200dpi but have since tested with 2400dpi without any noticeable difference. I must be doing something wrong since no one else seems to have this issue. I will test more.
  4. I assume this is a bug but wanted to check if anyone knows a way around it or if I'm doing something wrong. Have a look at the attached picture of a detail dummy, all horisontal lines on the arrows seems to vary in thickness? The picture is a screen shot from a a pdf at 100%, this is the way it prints. (Don't worry about the line work on the actual detail, I just use this one as a template).
  5. This is my problem. When I arrange them the way I want them on the first floor it is in the wrong place on the second, as that floor is smaller. I would like to place it on the first, and then move it closer to the building on the second without it moving on the first.
  6. I've noticed that my section symbols stay the same place in plan, regardless if I modify their location on each floor level. This is a problem if I have a smaller second floor for example and want them to show on each level. Is there a way to have these symbols in different locations on different levels?
  7. First check Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display Next step is if he has a high resolution device like the Surface Pro 3, Windows 8 have another setting from the tile interface under PC and devices > Display with a font setting
  8. Hmm, that kind of linear workflow is unfortunately not acceptable for custom homes, at least I couldn't work that way. I'd like to paint in broad general strokes and then refine.
  9. By reading a suggestion from Joe about psolids, etc, it occured to me that perhaps some of your confusion is related to mouldings like belly bands being created at an absolute height, whereas changes you've made affect the foundation and makes it looks like they've moved, when in fact they are the only thing that remained still?
  10. Very cool, seems to be a button for the same thing. Have not seen it before.
  11. Joe's way worked perfect, but I'm interested, new tool? Which one?
  12. I have a belly band, and have now modified the window configuration. The moulding polyline did not recognize the change, and I need to cut away a portion. I've broken the polyline on both sides of the window, but how do I delete that portion? Using the 'Edit Object Parts' tool deselects the polyline and won't let me select it again. On the picture I've pulled out the segment to make it easy to see.
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    From the album: Screen shots

  14. I still have it. It seems to be one level deeper after you click the material button but still there.
  15. I'm kind of all three of those so not sure if it would help me, but I try to tag my suggestions. Have you looked at tags? I think that could be helpful but people need to be more aware of them.
  16. I had some different things in combination that confused me, but the main thing was apparently that I was dimensioning through a doorway. I wanted the extension lines to go to the jamb, but the dimension saw the doorway as a sold wall and therefore no need for extension lines.
  17. What I found odd is that when I do that, the location is recognized on the actual dimension line, but I am sometimes unable to generate the extension line. I think I understand the process, just not what is required for Chief to produce the extension. By dragging around different locations you get a shadow extension line if a location is deemed suitable, but I can't seem to figure out the common denominator for these.
  18. Thanks Scott, the plan is almost 60MB so I created a dummy plan and reconstructed the wall setup to make it easier to share, and in this plan it behaves completely differently. I will give it a moment to figure out if there is something that I have changed in the defaults before I proceed.
  19. I've been kind of getting by earlier but would like to understand why it seems as if some inner corners work and others don't. I also find it odd that I can snap to something that generates a dimension, but I can't seem to pull out an extension.
  20. Just can't seem to figure it out. Scott, any videos on dimensions around somewhere?