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  1. I've noticed that if I open a CAD detail from Layout, the plan it belongs to doesn't show up in the browser. As soon as I open a floor plan it does. I like Joe's suggestions about a 'project' umbrella keeping track of plans and layouts, but I'm not sure about how it actually works today. A Layout always knows what is linked to it, but does a plan know where it has been sent? I know it asks it I want update the layout when I close a plan, but I believe that only happens if a layout is open as well so it could be functionality on the layout side. Either way, my workflow is based around layout and the 'Referenced files' command has so far been helpful.
  2. Thanks all, I've studied all comments but nothing seems to apply. I will call support, this is work for third party so unfortunately I can't share this plan on a public forum.
  3. My backsplash refuses to show all the way to the end of the wall. The backsplash is pulled all the way but the last inch or so is not showing?
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    From the album: Screen shots

  6. Agree with Joe on the above, for me too the layout file is the mothership.
  7. I've also encountered the issue, and I did save both my plan and layout to a new place, but can't remember whether this was before or after I ran into problems. However, assuming I did, it is interesting what happens once you do this. Layout is now saved to a new place together with the plan, which typically looks for layout in the same folder first, but is the link still looking in the old place?
  8. Never mind, this is apparently a known issue. I've seen it before but never this blatant, had one layer that refused to show and one that refused to turn off.
  9. I think I'm having a bit of a brain lapse here, but I have an electrical plan that I've sent to layout next to a regular floor plan sent earlier. I now want to get rid of a floor pattern cad detail from the electrical plan and changed it to 'Cad, Plan', a layer not previously used and not visible in the electrical set. However, when I open the regular plan via Layout and turn this layer on I see it in plan, but Layout does not update? Default Set adapts to new layers and changes in visibility, right? Bug?
  10. Where I'm at it is coverage of all buildings including garage and guest houses. Second floor has it's own rules, max 7.5% of the lot size. The first 500SF of porches open on 2 sides or less are excempt.
  11. Yeah, I actually do the same, but the only way I've found to easily select all my exterior walls seems to be to create a layer set that only shows them so that I can select them. I don't understand why I can select the wall cabinet icon and then shift-select in order to only select wall cabinets, but if I select the interior wall icon and shift-select I get all walls, both interior and exterior. I would quite frankly prefer it the other way around, a way to select all cabinets and a way to select only exterior walls. Am I to understand it that none of my four questions above are possible?
  12. Yes, but my questions are more about the actual selection process, and quickly changing a ton of walls to a different look.
  13. I'm doing a number of design options on the same building and am trying to speed up my workflow. Would be grateful on some feedback on below questions: 1) Am I correct in that neither the Object Eyedropper nor Match Properties work on walls? 2) Is there a way to select only a certain wall type, or only the exterior walls? 3) Am I also correct in that there is no way to set a wall default and then have walls follow it if I change the default? 4) If I place all my exterior walls on a new layer (like 'Walls, exterior'), how can I select all objects on a layer?
  14. Very funny! Logic would dictate the OP as the prankster. I.P. Freely
  15. The differences that I've seen are not obvious until compared, but I now find them significant. I made a test print to pdf both on screen and paper in order to compare, and in many cases I felt the difference was even more noticable on paper. Print size on this, admittedly not complete set, was 6.8MB for the Adobe pdf compared to 8.1MB for the built-in, so at least in my case it won't matter. These sizes pass most email systems today and if not I can recommend wetransfer (free up to 2GB). I made some examples of differences between Adobe and the built-in, the built-in is always the example on the right. Zooming varies. This first one shows a break in the wall that isn't even noticable in the Adobe pdf. The built-in shows it the way it looks zoomed in on plan (although hard to see even in plan). Example of graphics inside a CAD block (which seems to get some form of special treatment in Chief, doesn't behave the same as regular cad/vector graphics in Chíef) Another cad block example. Plain library symbol of a wine rack. Some drawn lines in layout that became double somehow in the Adobe pdf. This elevation doesn't differ that much looking on screen, but on print the linework from the built-in pdf was much cleaner and the contrast higher. Finallý the example I started with, start lines on arrows shows varying linework on Adobe pdf.
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    From the album: Screen shots

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    From the album: Screen shots

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    From the album: Screen shots

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  23. Any chance of uploading the file or screen shots? I've been doodling with pdf recently and could take a look for you.