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  1. It would be great if all would show up in the filter dbx or a similar one. The ones that are not loaded could show up in a different color or something so that it would be easy to add them.
  2. Now that I've acquired a second computer for field work I suddenly realized I only had my core catalogs with me and none of the bonus and manufacturer catalogs that I've collected on my main computer. Is there a way to download all of them at once? And is there a way to see which ones that are new and that I'm missing? Nic
  3. Ok, will check if it's ok to post it. Thanks everybody that gave a helping hand.
  4. The floor finish is 7/8" and set to default so I don't think that is it. As I said above the room was set to 'Floor Supplied by the Foundation Below' in the default dbx, whereas normally the box above 'Floor Under This Room' is the one checked I assume, and I was merely wondering if anyone knew why and under which circumstances this happens. I made a very small floor plan in a new file with the space planning tool just to test, and this time 'Floor Under This Room' was indeed checked and the camera view had floors so I doesn't seem to be due to the space planning tool.
  5. Well, I've had my fair share of Caillou. He's spell-binding compared to the 100's of Dora episodes I had to watch with my daughter. Let's approach my question more as a workflow issue so I feel less stupid. 1) Why is the 'floor supplied by the foundation below' suddenly default (instead of 'floor under this room')? Is that because I started with the space planning tool? 2) Now that all rooms are like this, do I have to change them one by one or is there a better way?
  6. After creating a floor plan I noticed in camera view that I don't have any flooring? Under what circumstances could I end up in that situation? Perhaps I should mention that the floor plan was generated from the space planning tool. I haven't touched the camera view set, and the 'layer floor, surfaces' is visible. Nic
  7. Thanks, I tried another symbol and that one could as you say be exploded into its components. However, not the one I chose first, 'dining table with runner', so how would I remake it since I can't seem to get it split into components and lines?
  8. Very nice. Since I yet have to become a member by posting 10 posts and I have a question now, I'm hoping it is acceptable that I pose it here. I am a relatively new user. I'm looking at a dining table symbol with a runner, but can't figure out how to edit it to have more than 6 chairs. I'd like something like 12 but the only way has been to scale the whole symbol. There is obviously a difference between a cad block and a symbol but can't I edit symbols? Also, am I right to assume that there are no parametric symbols in CA? Nic
  9. Unfortunately I have a question now.