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  1. I can't seem to figure out how to set the building in relation to the ground level, i.e. how much the stem wall sticks up? It does not seem to be in the structure tab, and I can't find it in the defaults settings, nor in the terrain dbx.
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    Ground level

    From the album: Screen shots

  3. I've played more with it now and the grout lines obviously doesn't affect the textures, which is fine. However, It would be nice to overlay the vector lines on top of the standard view, the way it is possible in for example the water color view. Is there a way to do this?
  4. Hi David, and thanks for your fast response. I've looked at the texture file, and it doesn't have any grout line at all. I guess it makes sense that you either use a colored pattern or a texture, but I somehow thought Chief would be able to squeeze in a grout line since that was a parameter. I mean primarily in the camera view though, Layout/plan looks fine.
  5. I've been trying to get some separation between my stone pavers on a patio in the camera view, but despite trying with grout lines that are 6" wide, it all blurs together? In the vector view I see the pattern correctly. Do textures and things like grout lines exclude each other?
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    From the album: Screen shots

  7. The only problem with this is if I change on of the walls I have to redo it. I was hoping to lock the relation.
  8. I have five windows that I want to space out equally on a wall. In Revit I shift-select them and enter EQ in one of the measurements. Anything similar in Chief?
  9. Thanks, and you're right, this is exactly what I was looking for. Is there a way to convert an existing spline into a distribution path? I tried walk through animation path, but they have different dbx.
  10. That seems to be it. In the control panel there is a setting for the wheel, where I can set the number of characters that it scrolls horizontally if I push the wheel sideways. The default setting is 3 and unfortunately there does not seem to be a way to turn this function off. As I can't remember ever using this in Word or similar it only seems to generate trouble. Can't remember this being a function/feature in 3ds Max either.
  11. Hi Jere, I've kind of considered it, but I seem to learn most when I work on a project and hit a problem and then read all I can find about it. When that doesn't help I ask this amazing crowd and that usually takes me through. I'm not sure a class sitting and following what someone else is doing on screen is compatible with the way my retention works. Not sure how these training sessions differ from the videos that are available on the site. I think I'm too advanced in some areas and of course a complete beginner on others. I don't know, perhaps it could be useful now that it is here instead of burning two days in Vegas. I would love a more tailor made model where the class builds a house from scratch based on pictures I've brought of a building with some complicated features, roof lines, etc.
  12. When I use the Fill Screen tool it works as expected, this seems to be something else. The thing in #13 definitely is related to the issue, but I have no solution for it. Haven't found what a left/right press on the middle mouse button is supposed to do, but whatever move it triggers it ignores the Fill Screen tool.
  13. I think I was more thinking if there was some tool that would allow you to disperse objects, like posts, on a path/polyline. Like the move/transform tool that would let you pick a path. The design has about 40 plants that follow the fence as well so it would make life easier. I will look into the molding polyline and see if that can be used, thanks.
  14. I should mention that I've found a decent method in drawing a fence from a segment end point on my curve, converting that portion to an arch, and then snapping it to the curve underneath. However, there are a number of segments, and I will also need to plant bushes along the perimeter, so a tool that follows a path would helpful.
  15. Have a property perimeter with one side against a culdesac, and need a iron fence that follows that path. I have the exact property line and was hoping to use it as a path for a fence. Possible?
  16. Looking a little further into this it appears I'm pushing the middle mouse button sideways, which apparently trigger some form of angular rotation of the whole scene.
  17. This most often happen to me when using the orbit tool, and then holding down the middle mouse button to pan. Often the design then starts to sail away in one direction and goes off the screen, and cant't be recovered.
  18. Ah, thanks, that explains it. I confused myself further by misreading the manual that walls would work with it as well, which I couldn't get to work either. Turned out that it said wall hatching. :/
  19. Something fishy is definitely going on. I found it in customize hotkeys, but if I select for example a wall and hit CTRL-J nothing happens and it doesn't show up in the edit toolbar. Should I call technical support?
  20. It's bizarre, but that tool isn't anywhere. I even went to the toolbar customization and looked through every little tool icon and it's not there?? I'm sure I used it the other day, can I somehow erased it? I assume these tool icons aren't dependent on templates so what can have happened?
  21. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't for my life find that button? Not even if selecting a wall or something the manual says it works on? Shouldn't it be on the right mouse button when selecting an object?
  22. Is there a way to copy the style and appearance of one railing onto another? I've placed a number of dummy railings (in wood) and would now like to replace those with the final design in metal. [
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    From the album: Screen shots

  24. I didn't realize that, which doesn't sound like a good thing. I see it both in cross section and camera looking down a stair case. I will try creating the whole manually instead then. This can't be by design so I assume it is a bug. Should I report it or is there a list of known bugs?