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  1. That doesn't seem to work for me. It was unchecked, but neither of those zoom buttons did anything useful
  2. I have a basement and then stucco on the first floor, and it seems the terrain is cut towards the stucco and not the foundation? How can I correct this?
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    From the album: Screen shots

  4. Doug, I looked and that was already unchecked.
  5. Before changing color brand I decided to try once more and change the default settings and this time it actually worked with the fascia! I'm still confused as to why all the windows and the exterior door changed color as well earlier though, and the windows doesn't seem to want to be changed the same way even though there is a default setting for it? Is the difference that a roof rebuild resets everything related to roofs, but for windows they have to be changed one by one afterwards? The default setting only applies at creation when it comes to windows?
  6. But if I have different Benjamin Moore colors for trim etc, won't that completely screw up my schedules?
  7. So I thought I was smart and changed the roof material color in the default settings to the new color, given that it seems to refer to the active defaults when using auto rebuild. However, this did not make any difference. Is there an annotation set involved here?
  8. I'm embarrassed to ask yet another obvious rookie thing so shortly after my other question, but this is really weird to me. I want another color than white for the fascia, but when I do I'm informed that the material painter can't be used with auto rebuild, and I'm given the options to either change the default roof material, or turn off auto rebuild. I chose the former. However, when I do all windows and the exterior door changed, but not the fascia? Do windows share default material with roofs? And even if so, why won't the fascia adapt?
  9. I closed it and created a new one, and then saved it. At least I can now go back to a good location. Thanks!
  10. That was a good idea, and now I found the building and I centered it like you said. However, I can't get rid of the distortion, there does not seem to be a way to set zoom length of the lens? It looks ok in plan, and there is nothing off in the distance. :/
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    From the album: Screen shots

    Camera drunk
  12. This feels like something that has been discussed a lot, but I couldn't find anything either in this or the old forum, but perhaps I'm searching on the wrong words. Anyhow, while in a 3D view when I orbit around my design, I often find the whole view 'shooting away'. After this happens I usually can't recover or find it again, and if I do it is typically heavily distorted. A couple of times I've zeroed some of the values in the camera dbx, but this is cumbersome and not always successful. Is there a button or short cut to reset the 3D camera?
  13. Nice, did not know about the Select Same Tool, that helps.
  14. I didn't dare to try deselect anything, but even if I could pin all those small labels, they would be in the wrong place after rotating the whole plan, wouldn't it? It does bring up another question, is there a way to select similar objects? Like I select a room label or a furniture and can then select all of the same type? Revit has a useful 'Select similar' option, and also a filter that lets you select a range of objects and then choose which ones you keep in the selection.
  15. I did use the Edit Area All Floors and had all All On Set, and then rotated 90 and it seems to have worked. Except for the room labels. I hear you, won't do that mistake again. It's just that I mentally like to have the front of the house downwards.
  16. I read about the Rotate Plan View command, and it seems more like a purely visual guide, it says it doesn't rotate objects but only the view as I see it on screen. That may be where previous comments about less precision comes from, if it is rdrawing everything at an angle. Either way, could be a very useful tool if one could switch it on an off with a button on the sidebar. Could then be set to either front being south or true north. It does not seem like I would like to work in this mode. Since I don't want to redraw my work I guess I have to look at Edit Area then. This didn't seem to work completely for me though. What can I do more than have all layers visible and choosing All floors?
  17. But does that one affect room labels? Can't seem to get that to work. However, the Rotate Plan View does not seem to be what I'm looking for. I noticed if I try to adjust an object with the arrows and nudge upwards, the object now goes to the left. I would go crazy if I had to develop the plan like that. How can I rotate permanently?
  18. Not sure I know where I do that. This option is available in the text field if I click on a room label, but it is greyed out. Under the grey it is indeed checked though, but the room label did not rotate.
  19. I started out doing a plan in portrait mode as I typically work with the front door down. However, for the construction documents it make more sense to have everything in portrait. What is the best way of rotating your work 90 degrees? I've searched the old forum and is seems as if Rotate plan view have some issues, and the recommended way is to use Edit Area/All floors? I'm asking since I don't want to go ahead and then have issues later on if I can avoid it. I seem to remember some warnings that precision could be lost with one of the methods? I also noted that neither method rotated my text. :/
  20. I just gave him one so he's all set!
  21. Thanks, I enjoyed it so much I gave you one right back! It only seems to apply to the individual post, is the member list the only way to see how many one has collected?
  22. Where can you see reputation points? I obviously don't have any since I can't see them, but still?
  23. I thought I wasn't allowed to post the other day as well, but it turned out I wasn't logged in. This new system seems to kick me out all the time whereas I don't remember logging very often in the old one, it just remembered me somehow. Maybe there is a cookie issue.
  24. That's for sure. I'm also very new at this and may be doing scaling mistakes when sending to Layout. I will continue to tinker and see if I can figure it out. Thanks all for your feedback.