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  1. Thank you both for the tips on making this work. I don't do a lot of kitchen renders and it showed The vid was excellent and helpful!
  2. I have tried everything in the book in an attempt to offset a Thermador or any dishwasher from a base cabinet. Usually, you can just "tab" over after selecting an object and it will allow you to select "next". Mine won't for some reason. Could you give me an idea on how to do this? See attachment with actual photo and my dilemma Thanks
  3. I’ve ordered 11 x 17 grid paper (four squares per inch), a laptop table tripod (for placing and drawing on grid paper), and laser measuring device. I know this is old school, but dimensions and accuracy are most important. Once LiDAR and apps improve, I’ll switch if accuracy is exceptional. This could be a timesaver but right now, it’s not there yet.
  4. Thanks Richard. Great idea. Just have to get a large clipboard and we’re good to go!
  5. What would you recommend for a laser measure? Would you go Bluetooth or no? Looks like the consensus is to stay with old school ways of measuring (for now) and using a grid pad of paper for scaling. LiDAR has some potential, just not ready for prime time yet.
  6. Just checked out Cubicasa and Matterport platforms. Neither is very accurate and one even missed the dimensions by over 11 inches. A workaround might be using Magic Plan with a laser input for dimensions, stitching the rooms together and exporting as a .dwg or .dxf format into Chief. Photogrammetry is interesting but appears that it would not work well with what we do for floor plans and elevations. Still researching and will post findings...
  7. All great comments! I've researched ArcSite, Magic Plan, PolyCam, Scaniverse, and Canvas. All have good and bad points. That said, I'm still doing research and will report back with findings. With new technology, there should be a way of saving a lot of time and having accurate scans - hopefully. Will keep you posted...
  8. I tried searching this topic and my apologies if it's been covered ad nauseam, as I didn't get any good results. I've been using a Bosch laser (non-BlueTooth) and paper pad and pencil for many years. With the new iPad and iPhone LiDAR scanning abilities, do you have a preferred app that you'd recommend? One that would be very accurate and able to "stitch" rooms together to bring back to office and import into X13/X14?
  9. I too am looking to upgrade my 5-yr old Win 10 PC that I built from scratch. It's worked great, but the new Mac Studios are too cool. Just waiting for the Mac Pro (new version) to come out perhaps Q1 2023, then decide which one will be good to go for next 5-yrs? Was looking into building a water-cooled system with AMD chipset, but I'm getting done with the Windows platform. Looking forward to reading more comments from the Mac users in X13 and 14! Cheers!
  10. Dermot, Yes, this worked and the side windows are back. I've been using Chief since 1998 and with every new release, things get modified or updated. Many thanks for your help on this one. Your link was extremely helpful by the way, and was easy to follow.
  11. David and Ryan, thanks for your suggestions. Going to reach out for technical services at Chief. When I toggle View/Library Browser or View/Active Layer Display Options in X12, each open in their own windows. Neither open in X14 for some strange reason and the Library and ALDO icons on the right side show "check marks" but don't open. Also deleted X14 and restarted PC and downloaded again. Same results. By the way, my MacBook Pro works just fine with X14 and both windows open respectively. Very strange...
  12. See attachment for both icons. Neither will open up. X12 works fine, but X14 not working yet. Library Browser Icon and Active Layer Display Icon.pdf
  13. I just upgraded to X14 today. I noticed after importing/migrating older files to new version, I'm not able to select View/Active Layer Display to open up a separate window. I went back to X12 and did the same thing, and it opened in a separate window next to my main window. Also, the Library icon is shown in upper right corner. When I select it, nothing happens. It doesn't open. I'm not sure what's going on and hoping someone has encountered this too. Thanks!
  14. Thank you for your comments on turning off the Layout Box Borders! This box/border was annoying and wasn't sure of the workaround until reading your post
  15. I'm trying to export a model rendered in X12 to a free version of SketchUp with a .SKP extension. If I drag and drop to their "free" online version, it asks me to upgrade to a full license. Do you have a workaround for this? The reason for the .SKP extension is to load it into D5 Render