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Creating a standard shed roof for a house in metric using metric parameters and roofing iron materials

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Need to get some expert advise on how to go about drawing this style of house in metric​, with metric standards, and materials.

The roof is the difficult part of this particular design. Willing to pay for a consult from an experienced user, say $50.00 on Pay Pal.

Please get in touch with me as soon as possible, so that we can discuss the project in more depth.



Douglas Burgmann

Accurate Asbuilts & Designs

970-987-4476 cell












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Doug, where is this house being built? The roof design from your attachments looks like Australian design. I would do it more like we do here in North America as a flat roof with build-up. Will you have the parapet walls or just the roof? With the parapet walls and that truss system will be some engineering fun. The metric part is the easy part, just use metric profile plan and set your defaults.

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      Good day.
      Can someone please help me to adjust the scale of my layout. I use the metric profile and want to see my objects in meters, but the size is very large, it shows 12,34m units in the dialog number settings under Number Styles. In version x7 it shows 0,450m units in the same settings. If I build a short wall for example the length is like 1200m.

      Thank you.
    • By wnschoen
      So what is the best practice for laying a shed roof on top of an existing roof (or something similar).  
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    • By DCB123
      I am trying to find out methods of building a metric model with this style of roofing iron in Chief.
      So far am not having great success getting the model to work using the imperial methods
      and defaults that chief uses for the materials and the methods of construction for the roofs.
      The scan001 has the parameters for what we are trying to accomplish here.
      If someone, who has experience building this sort of roof system could answer my post
      it would be most helpful. Trying to get some answers now over the long weekend.
      Contact me asap please with your solutions to these methods of construction, and
      just exactly how to do it in Chief?
      Douglas Burgmann
      Accurate asbuilts & designs
      970-987-4476 cell