Combining steel I-beam joist with timber joist

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I'm hoping to keep the floor framing for the second floor of my home to a single layer (i.e. the ceiling of the floor below and the flooring of the floor above both attached to the same joists). My open plan lounge/dining/kitchen area seems to be too big for timber joist spans, and I want to add a steel I-beam joist at 90° for extra support. When I manually add the I-beam joist (and specify it as a steel I-beam), CA hangs the timber joists under the steel beam, lowering the ceiling of that room (see the attached screenshot). I'm hoping I can keep the timber joists at the same height as the steel joist by slotting the ends of the timber joists into the open area either side of the "I" on the i-beam. Would that work, and if so how do I do that in CA?


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You can open the beams dbx and change the settings for size and height to whatever you need.


Did you use the Floor/Ceiling Beam tool to draw the beam? 

If so, it should have auto located under the floor joists.

My guess is that you used a library beam which will auto locate on top of the floor joists.

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