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Problem Recessed Entry In Commercial

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I can't figure out how to do a recessed entry in a commercial building. Considered making part of the building two storey but that seems wrong. Here is a rough idea of the concept showing a view from outside the building and one from the inside. Of course, there would be a door in the glass panel area. Also does anyone know where there is a Library of standard commercial door/window items?


CA X6 BTW. I see all my history and signature containing my info is missing.



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Just draw the walls to create the vestibule:



...then plop in the windows and doors (nothing useful in the Library - you'll have to roll your own):

post-95-0-62303600-1455724318_thumb.pngpost-95-0-91936400-1455724324_thumb.png get this:

post-95-0-92499000-1455724363_thumb.pngpost-95-0-82234500-1455724373_thumb.png's a quick section through the vestibule - mezzanine above (created as a second floor):



Commercial in Chief isn't always easy, but most of it can be accomplished.

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