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Does anyone know if it is possible to "explode" cad polylines into individual line segments?  All I want is to draw individual cad lines instead of multiple lines being automatically connected together.  If I want to use 1 line as a reference line and draw something referencing it, I then later want to go back and erase the reference line I drew.  I can't do this most of the time because the lines automatically connect to create a poly line.  I am trying to use the cad line tool to draw simple cross sections.


On another note, I think it is possible to draw a line with an angle that is in pitch instead of degrees.  I have used it before but I can't seam to find where that setting is.


Much appreciate your help for a newer user!

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Are you using X7 or X8? You should really put it in your signature. It helps to know what product people are using.

If you're using X7, what you're looking for is Edit Object Parts (Shift+F8).

If you're using X8, its a little more complicated. I think I'm gonna make a video here shortly.

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