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One more quick question. Yesterday I submitted a question and attached a .plan file of a Townhouse I am working on. There will be several interior units like this one and a couple of end units. Eventually I will assemble these into buildings of anywhere from 3 to 6 units each. The units are 22'-11" wide and will have a 1 inch air space between each unit for the City Required Fire Wall. The legal property lines are 23' apart so there will be 1/2" offset from the property line to the outside surface of the interior unit. I will mix and match units as per my investor desires to form different buildings.


Here's the question, how do you suppose I assemble the buildings? I plan on saving the units as unit1.plan then unit2.plan, etc.... On the Import Fly Out Menu I don't see a Chief Architect .plan selection. Do I make an Architectural Block of the entire unit and save it to my User Catalog? I would like to keep each unit as an individual plan so as things get going we can easily up date design ideas.


Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.




Jerry K.


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Why can't you save them to a townhouse folder and then have a different folder and name for each one, if you make changes rename that one in the spec. folder to a day or different name, this can be done with a layout sheet also just relink the layout sheet to the plan you are revising

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