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These doors are based roughly on the on the door manufacturer "Masonite".

Each door in the library has two versions: simple and complex. The simple versions draw better in layout elevations, which I appreciate. The complex versions have more curves and details, which is great for renders and ray tracings. I just swap them in and out as needed.

Each door also has "interior" and "exterior" materials.

I did not set up stretch planes, but that would be easy enough if you needed sizes other than the ones I've provided.

See thumbnails for more info.





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The short answer is yes. Cabinets can be modified and then saved and put in a folder.
Just know that this program is not like 20-20. If you are selling a line(s) of cabinets yourself
Chief is probably not the software you need. There is no automatic pricing and inventory.
IF you are a remodeler then I think it is a great program. 

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