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Exposed Rim Joists In Exterior View?

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Hi everyone,


I am having an issue that I cant seem to figure out. I know I am just missing a setting somewhere and I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.


I have a set of plans where the floors appear to all be hovering above each other. I built the floor framing and now instead of hovering the rim joists are exposed in the floor package in between the siding of the top floor and bottom floor.


How do I get the siding to cover this area? or apply a belly board or flashing for the siding break between floors?


Thanks for your help!

Spruce st House 3.plan

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Your exterior wall definition has no exterior layers.  Your siding, housewrap, and plywood are all designated as main layers. Select those items one by one and "Move Up" so they become exterior layers.

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