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How To Use 3D Warehouse

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First, I want to say that this forum has been the BEST.  I have found a lot of information in here and the library of content on here is amazing.


I do have one question though.  I have seen in many posts if people have checked 3D warehouse.  I think I was able to find the website but I am not sure how to use it since the file extensions are not .CALIB or .CALIBZ.


How do I get the models to work in Home Designer Architectural? 


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Download the Symbol from 3D Warehouse (SKP), then import in Chief using File->Import->Import 3D Symbol.

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I download them to a file folder not within Chief and then can copy and paste them into Chief. Having them in separate folder allows me to keep a free copy of Sketch up and open and edit some models. For instance you might find a furniture group you like but only want a couch not love seat  or chair. I save as and make copies of each of the pieces separately. Then import / copy what I want into my plan.  and if you want it for further projects save into your library. Depending on what version of chief you are using you might find importing some versions of models wont import. In general download later versions of sketchup models

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      I am trying to import sketchup furniture from Teknion. They have a "resources" page where you can download Sketchup models. Once you download the Sketchup model, you can import it into Chief. The first one I tried worked, but now I am getting the attached pop up. Also, is there any way the blocks can be exploded? They seem to be furniture layouts and not single furniture components.
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      With help from you guys, I have learned a lot about Chief. I've never started a topic before.. because I could always find an answer for my questions by browsing past topics. 
      But now I am stuck at something. Maybe someone can help me out? 

      I recently found sketchup's 3D warehouse and have imported a number of symbols succesfully. However, when I start to import models with a texture and try to import it into Chief... the results are bad. 

      For example:
      I found a nice looking faucet in 3d Warehouse ( 
      Notice the chrome texture in this model?

      When I try to import this model as a 3D symbol. The texture seems to be missing or misplaced.

      I have tried to go to 'plan material' for the texture and change the settings... resulting in some pretty hilarious results. 

      Nothing seems to work. It would be great to import these models in my chief project with the original textures... so I hope somebody can help me out with this. 

      Thanks in advance!