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For some reason chief is no longer acknowledging that chief blueprint is on my computer.   I looked online and followed all the instructions to make sure its installed on my computer and of course it is, I have X7.  I looked in my windows font folder and there it is.  So why does chief keep saying missing font whenever I open a plan?  It was working all this time and now it says its not on the computer.


Any ideas?





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Thanks for the reply.  I tried all those things and it didn't help.  So I just finished for the day and closed up.  Next day I turned on the computer and everything was back to normal... HUH???  Don't know why it didn't work turning on and off and restarting yesterday but today it worked.  Maybe my computer was mad that I was working on a Sunday. :P   Who knows, Im just glad its working again!


Thanks again for the help.

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