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I'm looking for a process to import latitude, longitude and elevation data from Google Earth Pro as a cvs text file as explained in the how-to articles. I really just need to see the formatting of such a file, which I understand is usually generated from a GPS. Placing elevation points in CA asks for x/y coordinates but I don't know how to correlate that to longitude/latitude.

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Here is a link to a thread on the same topic that Adrean is working on:

Mvman: If you are still interested in the subject you may want to post there. If you made progress with your January project post here or send me a PM as I am still pursuing this goal. We may be able to share some info and help each other out. Possibly even improve the software.

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      Hello all,
      I am trying to import the following csv file as XYZ (comma delimited).  This is the only format that does not give me an error. For whatever reason, as soon as I import it the terrain disappears. I have tried reducing the number of elevation points to 2000 and 1000. I have aslo tried setting the "Map this elevation point to the origin (0,0)" with a marker positioned at 0,0. I even tried deleting the terrain and importing the data. creates the terrain but does not show. I do not usually get this involved with terrain contours and am not familiar with how its done. Any help would be greatly appreciated.