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No Matter where I place my camera I get an error box that says I cannot do it from this position. See attached thumbnail. I have move the camera to all  the exterior sides. Made sure it is mid wall and perpendicular. Even tried from the corner just to see. I am unclear if there is a setting I missed or what ....Any input would be greatly appreciated.

elevation dialog.pdf

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Could you elaborate a little more?

Here is what I am doing. I go to 3D / Create orthographic view / elevation. Then place the camera that is associated with the provided Icon. I am using CA Premier X7


Sorry I replied before fully checking out your response THANK YOU !!!!

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    • By kylejmarsh
      Here's how you can make some nice looking demo elevations with red dashed linework.
      Start with demo layer having the dashed + red linework style.
      Then go 3D to vector view - and try to turn off the 'color' of the wall textures. Problem is it turns off the linework red color too, which you want to preserve:

      My hack is just to turn the 'material color' to white for the textures on the existing model:

      And the final result is pretty nice:

      Then you can send this to your layout view as a static image ->
      Or you can coordinate the demo elevations, which now look like this:

      Final product - demo elevations with dashed, colored linework showing demo areas:

      Does anybody have an easier idea? There could probably be some changes to the software to allow for 'plot lines' views with colored + dashed linework (or maybe there already is?) but currently this seems like the best way to do it.
    • By ericepv
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    • By Arch_Tech
      Hello all,
      I am using CA X13.
      I am designing a house that has a wing that is at 45 degrees relative to the other wing of the house.  I am working with a Home builder and he has shown me that when a house is at 45 degrees, typically the elevation views reflect that by only showing the outline of the structure that is set at 45 degrees, like this.

      As you can see the garage portion is at 45 degrees relative to the elevation view.  I am pretty sure this set was produced with AutoCAD.  
      How can I make this happen in CA?
      Thanks in advance!
    • By Renerabbitt
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    • By DeLayDesign
      I've set up our walls to show demo'd walls to be dashed, but I'd also like that dashed line to show up in elevation as well.  Is there a way to do this, without moving the wall to a 'demo wall layer'.

      I suppose I could edit all the walls so that anything that isn't to be demo'd isn't associated with the layer it's put on (remaining solid vs. dashed); but is there a better way?

      I would also love for the siding/ brick, etc. to come in dashed as well if possible.