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I have a General Question.....


I am creating a bunch of cabinet groupings being saved in my User Catalog for future use. I've created a corner sink grouping with a corner knee space. I created the corner lap drawer cabinet from a regular 24" corner cabinet box. The adjacent cabinets have their toe kick boxes protruding into the corner knee space a few inches on both sides. I haven't been able to figure this one out. Although it's not a detrimental issue, it just bugs me more than anything else. Tell me which magic button in the Cabinet Dialog Box is the one to click. I drew this in X7 so you'll probably need X7 to open the file that is attached. I also included a JPG showing the issue.


Well shoot.... the file uploader will only allow me to upload one file.


So I will go to plan B.








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Odd issue.  Not sure why its happening, but use a wall cabinet instead of a base for that corner unit and the problem goes away.


I think it would be a good idea to send in that plan to tech support.  Seems like a bug to me.  Can't figure out any logical reason why that would be happening.  If you pull that corner cabinet away, the extra moulding disappears.  It doesn't show up till the 2 cabinets are connected. 

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