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My very small company has currently 2 chief keys for version X3. My company is going to be undergoing restructuring at the beginning of the year- and will be under a new company name. My boss had a few questions that concern our current licensing. He purchased them with his name, but also using our company name. Do we need to pay a transfer fee when we carry the licensing over to the new company? It will be under the same owners name, and even the same physical address. 

I am hoping we wouldn't have to pay any fees- since the physical person owning the software is the same. Any help is appreciated during this process!

Thank you so much!


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Hello Trista,


Thank you for the question.  I don't see a problem with this but, you should definitely give our Customer Service Department a call to get verification that there will not be a transfer fee charged.  You can contact us at 208-292-3400.


Kind regards,



Chief Architect Software

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