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I've created a custom user line style. The spacing wasn't quite right and now I can for the life of me figure out how to edit it.

From the reference manual...

To create a custom line style

Select CAD> Lines> Create Line Style , or right-click on the User Catalog folder and select New> Line Style.

You can also edit an existing line style by choosing to Copy it to the User Catalog, then right-clicking on it and selecting Open from the contextual menu.

Seems simple enough right? Not so much.

When I open the user catalog and right click, the only contextual menu I get is "show/hide selection panel" what am I missing?

It seems like I get stuck on the simplest things. As a new user learning chief, my main complaint is the interface is very unintuitive. Most programs have better right click to explore or edit things.. Shouldn't be this hard to find things... Rant over :)

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