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Hi all,

I am in need of a picture that is 1600 px X 1200 px. My monitor is not that big and is not in that proportion. So, in ray trace current view dbx wizard, I uncheck use active window and uncheck retain aspect ratio. I input the width and height pixels that I am after. But the ray trace only does a portion of what I have on the screen. I'm guessing because my screen proportions are different than what I am asking for. Is there a way to create the view in some sort of border that matches the proportions I need before I ray trace? How do I know where to locate thing on screen so they don't get cut off during ray trace? I attached the screen and the resulting ray trace at my input pixels. Thanks!! 



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Thanks guys, I do not have a scroll bar in the rendering screen (another problem I need to learn how to fix?) but I did try zooming out, and it did not reveal anymore of the picture. I attached a screen shot of when I zoomed out on the ray trace screen.


I also exported it to a jpg also, and still got the incomplete picture. 


Any other ideas? Maybe I need to learn how to add a scroll bar and that might work? thanks



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Scroll bars were added to ray trace views in X6.


You are correct. If the aspect ratio of the 3D view is wider than that of the ray trace image, then the right and left sides of the 3D view will be cut off. Resizing the Chief window so that the aspect ratios are similar and adjusting the camera is probably the easiest way to avoid having too much of your 3D view cut off.

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