Can't Create Attic Truss, No Flat Ceiling Or Floor Platform Error Msg

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I'm trying to do an experiment to figure something else out and I can't even create an attic truss. It says I don't have either a flat ceiling or a floor platform but I have both. I've created attic trusses across 30' with an 8:12 slope before, I don't know what I did different this time. The plan I'm attaching is after I changed some things from the default settings, like ceiling height, in order to get a more flat ceiling.


truss experiment.plan

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Weird. I couldn't get it to work either. I even tried drawing a new plan and didn't work there again. I have done these several times before without issue. 

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I cannot explain why,  but if you open your plan and DROP THE ROOF PLANES down 12",  you should be able to get your attic truss. 




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BTW,  I understand this is not what you want,  the point is I do not think you are doing anything wrong,  but it must be something within CA that has some restrictions on the height at end of the truss.

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