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  1. I'd love to help you out on this. I can also do the structurals. I can't stamp the drawings but I can provide all the calcs to make the engineers' life easy.
  2. chuck_g

    Northeast Ohio

    I have some free time and would love to work with you. I can do the framing plans with accurate beam sizing as well. Need material lists? No problem. Very reasonable rates. Thanks,
  3. chuck_g


    No problem. Glad that worked out.
  4. Attached plan so you can review the settings. It's hard to understand exactly what you want. Posting the plan would be helpful. I'm sure Glenn is right and you are probably "fighting" the elevations from one level to another. I have the auto foundation set to hang the first floor inside of the foundation. If you only want one wall you will to pull the wall up in a section view. Untitled 1.plan
  5. chuck_g

    Roof Issues

    Sheet goods are generally easy to cut. Also it wouldn't have to be an "all or nothing" kind of thing. 4x8's could be special ordered. England managed to do it in 1965.
  6. chuck_g

    Layerset Question

    Ah, yes I see. I wonder whether Joey was using wall hatching in the attached drawings. I'd rather not have a "non-walkout" basement on two levels.
  7. chuck_g

    Layerset Question

    Try toggling the "Walls, Layers" layer on in one layer set and off in the other.
  8. I don't think the trusses are the problem. There should be attic walls that are getting created to cover the truss ends. Try going to Defaults/Walls/General and make sure Auto Rebuild Attic Walls is checked. Test plan attached. Untitled 1.plan
  9. Or you could create a single layer wall for the siding and put it on the floor above for the perimeter.
  10. As far as know there is no way to edit the z-height of wall layers. I have run in to this same problem a few times and I used a molding p-line to represent the siding.
  11. chuck_g

    Roof Issues

    That's the beauty. There are no fractions. Just meters, centimeters, and millimeters. All divisible by 10.
  12. chuck_g

    Roof Issues

    There's really nothing to learn. Everything is divisible by 10. And 1000sf is roughly 100sm. I did my first metric job a few years ago in Bangkok for a friend. It was a 230sm renovation of a condo. There wasn't any learning curve whatsoever.
  13. Hmmm. I took a look and I don't see a problem. Anyway the house was built last year and nobody said anything. Thanks for letting me know.
  14. chuck_g

    Large Empty Layout

    Yep, that's what I'll do. I was just wondering if there was something I was missing. Thanks to all that had a look.
  15. Wow, that seems WAY high. Any competent user can do a 2000sf as-built model within a day. Probably closer to 4-5 hours depending on the amount of detail. Are you also getting the remodel/addition drawings?