moulding wall issue

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I just drew a exterior wall. Then a polyline converted to moulding to see how it would work simply. I did to top and it went to bottom. 


Anyone know how to correct this? I was practicing so I could use on retail centers. 

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Because you have not attached a plan, this is just a guess, but I am assuming you expected the moulding to go to the top of the wall but "to top" is setting the moulding in relation to your moulding p-line...not the wall. To get that moulding to the top of the wall you would have to adjust the height of the moulding p-line...or offset the moulding by the height of the wall. In other words, if you have a 96" tall wall, you could either set the moulding p-line at 96" and set the moulding at 0" "to top" or you could set the moulding p-line at 0" and set the moulding to 96" "to top".

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Draw your line in elevation. Convert to a 3D Molding Line. Assign your profile.




Check in plan view that it's positioned correctly.





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