Retail Center - Facade Moulding Issue


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This is the first Exterior commercial elevations I have done since gettting Chief Architect x7  7 months ago. This is a retail facade remodeling and  I raised at different areas and installing stucco with 18 in Crown Mold at top of front facade wall, and then both ends of building and  added to top of the brick side walls. Proably Chief Architect x7 moulding 8590 except made 18 in height and wrap each end of the front facade and side walls. 


Can anyone help me?




Newell Cheatheam 


Chief Architect X7, Windows 7  

KCM Remodeling 2015.plan

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Create the molding profile and save it to your Library. Shoot an elevation, then create a Detail From View. Select the lines from the Detail that define the top edges of the facade, copy them to the Elevation, and turn them into 3D Molding Polylines, assign the saved Profile, then position them in place.

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Here is some more detail to what I outlined in post #2:


1. Create molding profile in plan view and save it to your User Library:



2. Shoot an elevation of the building (3D>Create Orthographic View>Cross Section/Elevation):



3. Create a detail from the elevation view (CAD>CAD Detail From View):



4. While in the Detail view select the lines across the top of the facade that you need to assign the molding to, then Edit>Copy, switch back to the Elevation view, and Edit>Paste Hold Position. Immediately (without de-selecting the lines) convert them to 3D Molding Polylines:



5. Assign the correct settings in the 3D Molding Polyline Specification dbx; you'll have to play with them to get them correct:



6. Work on each molding separately - sometimes when 3D molding polylines are close together they will behave unpredictably when editing them. You may have to move them away from each other and edit them one at a time. You can achieve a return at the ends by extending the a perpendicular leg an inch or so. With a bit of work you should be able to get what you're after:



EDIT: You could also create a single instance of the molding in 3D, save it as a symbol, assign stretch planes, and plop it into your plan.

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